Lynn's Goldfish Pond

Built August 26, 2006

All I knew was that I wanted some water in my garden. That was the beginning of my little goldfish pond. I don't have a power outlet outside, so I started out with a pump powered by the sun. I ordered a solar pump from Ebay, and it worked well for me for about a year. When it finally died, I invested in a nice electric pump, and right now I have a heavy drop cord strategically run up to our porch until my husband can get an outdoor power source installed. The key for us is unplugging the pump when we are not home to keep an eye on it.

I love my goldfish pond. It's my first attempt at a water garden. I would really like to have another, larger goldfish pond in the backyard some day.

This picture was taken when the pond was brand new. Everything worked great. When the sun was out, the solar water pump sent water down through the little cups on the fountain. I love to listen to it. Now, of course, I have the electric pump, which works even better and keeps the water clearer.

To build my goldfish pond, I put a prefab pond into a hole that I dug and leveled the best I could. I placed a layer of river rocks on the bottom, a couple of clay pots on their sides for the fish to hide in, put plants on the preformed ledges in the pond, and I was ready to go. Well, almost. I filled the pond with water and let it sit for several days without any fish to let any unwanted chemicals evaporate out. I landscaped around the pond with some large, natural-looking slabs from Home Depot. Then I went shopping for goldfish.

I have had my share of indoor aquariums through the years, so I know about algae. If you build an outdoor goldfish pond, *DO* expect algae. You can decide to treat it aggressively with an algeacide or let nature take its course and find balance on its own. I am doing the latter. I plan to use barley to help control the algae. I love this page from Natural Solutions Etc. about algae control.

Here you can see the bubbles from where the water spills in from the fountain.

I love watching the dragonflies that come to land on the plants around the water. I am just waiting for the day we have a frog!! I have noticed spiders building close to the water.

My daughter and I went to a garden center that had aquatic plants. We have three different types of plants in our goldfish pond.

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