The Core Knowledge Series

What is The Core Knowledge Series?

E.D. Hirsch, Jr., concerned about a generation of children who could end up lacking in their education, put together a series of books outlining what a child needs to know by the end of the 6th grade. These books cover events and concepts in the areas of language arts; geography, world civilization, and American civilization; fine arts; mathematics; and, natural sciences. The illustrations are captivating. I found myself wanting to read through, book by book, just to make sure we had covered everything, and one can do just that. These books are filled with compelling entries that are lengthy enough to give one a good beginning understanding but not overwhelming.

Using The Core Knowledge Series for Homeschooling

The Core Knowledge Series can easily be used as a teaching tool or guideline in the homeschool setting. Just a daily reading from the book is good. You can outline your lessons from them. The books are also just a great, all-around resource to keep on your bookshelves for reference and regular reading. We use them here as a resource, pulling them off the shelf from time to time for ideas and as a guide. (Yes, I have them all.)

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Core Knowledge Foundation

There is a Yahoo! group for Core Knowledge homeschoolers: CKHomeschoolers

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