The 6 Best Ways to Stop a Tooth Ache Fast

How to Treat Tooth Ache

Are you or your child suffering with tooth pain?  Sadly, when you think about it, your teeth are such an important part of every day life but they are mostly taken for granted until there is a major pain in the mouth.

So what is the best way to deal with tooth pain at home without having to make an emergency dentist visit?

6 Best Ways to Stop A Tooth Ache

  1.  Stop chewing.  This may be obvious but one way to stop the pain is to give your mouth a rest from processing food.
  2. Check for anything physically in your mouth that doesn’t belong.  It’s possible that something like a popcorn shell or other small piece of food can be stuck in between your teeth and gums. Use tooth floss or a dental pick (carefully!) to probe the area.  A waterpik may also help if you feel something in there but can’t get it out the the other tools.
  3. Apply clove oil or mouth numbing agent.  This is a little tricky. You generally don’t want to have something like clove oil or a numbing agent in your mouth but in this case, it may make the difference between unbearable pain and finally being able to relax.
  4.  Rinse with salt water.  Salt water has many healing properties that will help your teeth and gums heal, especially if there is damage to your gums.
  5. Call a dentist. If you haven’t seen the dentist recently, consider scheduling a visit.  If you don’t have regular dental checkups, you may be harboring bacteria in your gums that can eat away at the roots of your teeth or make you very sick.  It’s worth stopping the damage now while you still have a chance to keep your teeth.
  6.  Ice Pack – some people say that ice packs or cold compresses can dull the pain.  This will not get to the heart of the matter though.  Ice can work as an emergency measure but you’ll want to find out what is actually causing your pain instead of trying to mask it.

Let’s face it, a tooth ache is no fun at all and can put every other priority out of your mind until you figure out a way to stop the pain.  If this is the case, you can try these tooth ache home remedies but the best advice is really to get it checked out by a professional.  Dentists are there to serve and you will be better off finding out the cause of the pain before it does more damage and creates even more pain.

May you have quick and effective tooth pain relief!